Welcome to the official website for Steve Guntrip's book Falafel The Cat.

Mark is an anxiety-riddled hermit of a man, working his life away in a windowless office, spending his free time eating pizza in front of the television with his only companion and best friend, a ginger cat he found in his garden and dubbed Falafel.

Falafel the Cat goes missing, leaving Mark with the daunting prospect of searching the streets of London for his furry friend. Will Mark find Falafel? Will he talk to any humans? Will he even make it out of his own front door?

Falafel The Cat is a strange novella following a man who rarely steps outside as he explores the city he lives in for the first time. It has full colourful photographs, foldout pages and some made-up words.

Where to buy it?

The book costs 9.99 and is available directly from Steve Guntrip via Rowdydow. Rowdydow is an alternative hair dye shop ran by Steve, selling Falafel The Cat on Rowdydow takes advantage of the website's distribution and payment processes and allows for costs to stay low. It is the fastest and nicest way to buy the book and allows you to have a signed copy at no extra charge if that's something you would like.

Click here to purchase Falafel The Cat from Rowdydow.co.uk.

Falafel The Cat will soon be available from several local Dorset bookshops and eventually listed on Amazon.


Please email falafel@steveguntrip.co.uk if you have any questions, feedback or criticisms. I'm interested in all feedback. Please also use this address if you are interested in stocking Falafel The Cat in your bookshop.